StratCom Workshops

StratCom will be hosting workshops, supplying written trainings and providing office hours to aid all campus units in adopting the new brand platform. Leverage the resources listed on this page to ensure your unit has all the tools to confidently implement this comprehensive brand platform for our university.

Enroll in the Brand Experts Program

The Brand Experts Program is an online professional development opportunity for campus MarCom professionals to learn how to leverage the Illinois brand through messaging, visual and marketing strategies. The workshops in the program are engaging, easy to digest and accompanied by informative visuals to guide you through the brand.

Upon completing the program, you will gain Accredible digital credentials certifying that you’re an Illinois brand expert.

Please visit our Canvas page to get started and then check out the upcoming workshops below.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Before you fully adopt the Illinois brand into your work, it’s vital to gain a foundational sense of the brand pillars and the promise the brand platform will deliver. We call this process becoming a brand ambassador.

The 90-minute brand ambassador workshops are interactive and laid back – and a perfect way to meet your MarCom peers from units across the university. The goal of these workshops is to help you think differently, show you how to live out the brand pillars in your work and equip you to share the power of a unified brand with your colleagues.

This workshop is a requirement for the Brand Experts Program. The fall schedule for these workshops will be posted soon.

Sign up for Office Hours

Implementing a brand is all in the details. We’re here to help. StratCom experts in design, web, content creation, social media, digital ads, analytics and more are available to provide guidance on your brand updates and projects.

If you want to sign up for a one-on-one or small group consulting session, register here.

Written trainings are also available as a useful guide for your unit to reference.

Attend Upcoming Workshops and Accessibility Accommodations

See the full slate of brand events and workshops below or customize by category. New workshops will be added upon being announced. Note: All workshops will be recorded and uploaded to the Brand Experts Program in Canvas for both new and current program participants to access at any time. 

If you will need disability-related accommodations in order to participate, please email Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs.

Workshop Types