Talent Release Forms

Permission for Photo, Video, Audio

If you are planning to use an individual’s image or likeness in media such as photographs, video, etc., you should request written permission to do so. Releases also should be completed and signed by any talent working with companies or individuals performing photography, video or audiotape on university premises. Use the forms below.


  • You may accept digital signatures using Docusign or Adobe Sign.
  • This form includes English and Spanish versions.
  • A single form has space to accommodate the signatures of ten “models.”


People often ask whether they need to get a release to use images of individuals, audiences, crowd shots at events, etc. The answer is that you should always attempt to obtain a release from any individual who is personally identifiable in the image/video/audio. The following is guidance on photography and videography at large university events.

Respecting people and their privacy is one of our core guiding principles. However, when you plan to take photographs or record video at an event, with the intent of using the images or likenesses in marketing-communications materials, it may be impractical to obtain written permission from each individual. Under circumstances where individual consent is impractical, you should:

1. Include the following disclaimer in pre-event materials for publicity, registration, etc.

The university plans to capture photographs and video of this event. Be aware that if you attend, you are consenting to the possibility that your image and likeness may be shared or published by the university for marketing-communications purposes.

2. Post the following notice prominently at each entrance to the event. You can download photography notice signage.


By attending, you consent to your image being used in university marketing, social media and publications. Please alert the photographer if you don’t want your photograph taken. [If applicable add: Please sit in the “No Official Photography” area if you don’t want your photograph taken.]

3. Bring a supply of paper model release forms with you to large events and attempt to get an actual “wet” signature from anyone who is recognizable in an image you feel has great potential to be widely used.

4. Be especially cautious about collecting close-up still images and video of children, and NEVER use images/video of those under 18 years old and who are recognizable in an image or video clip without the written permission of their parent or guardian.

5. Be prepared to remove a still image from digital use as quickly as possible if someone who is recognizable in the image complains and be ready to explain if a video clip cannot be removed.

6. Be prepared to remove a still image or a video clip from the university’s database as quickly as possible if someone who is recognizable in the image/video clip complains.