Communications Mailing Lists

Connecting with MarCom Professionals

There are a wide variety of email-based mailing lists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Strategic Communications and Marketing manages four mailing lists that are relevant to campus communicators.


In order to submit a post to any of these mailing lists, you need to be subscribed to the list. Visit the University of Illinois mailing list website, log in with your Illinois email address and find the list under the “List of Lists” tab to subscribe.


  • CCO mailing list: This invite-only list is for the chief communications officers across campus. Strategic Communications and Marketing shares information on this list with CCOs, and CCOs are able to collaborate with the entire CCO group via the mailing list.
  • DDDH list: The Deans, Directors and Department Heads list is moderated by StratCom and the Office of the Provost and is used for official university/campus business only.
  • Campus Communicators Council mailing list: The CCC-L list is open to all university employees. StratCom employees and communicators across campus post announcements to this list, share resources and request assistance from other list members.
  • Social Media mailing list: This list is open to all university employees who manage university-affiliated social media accounts. StratCom employees and communicators across campus share announcements and request assistance relating to social media trends, practices and resources.