Tools for MarCom Professionals

Choosing the right resource

Design, photo, video, web and communications planning tools play an important role in telling the Illinois story. Explore the resources available to MarCom professionals at Illinois.

Communications and planning

Airtable Enterprise A collaborative project management tool with customizable databases, combining the flexibility of spreadsheets with project planning features. Email to learn more.  
Microsoft PlannerTask management tool for organizing projects, facilitating collaboration and tracking progress. 
Webtools A StratCom-built free application that includes blogs, bulletins, calendars, Email+, file manager, forms, group manager, Massmail, short URL, skin designer and surveys.


Adobe Express TemplatesSimplifies and accelerates the design process through pre-designed templates in Adobe Creative Cloud 
Adobe InDesignProfessional layout and page design software, ideal for print and digital publications. 
Adobe IllustratorSoftware application for creating drawings, illustrations and artwork. 
Adobe PhotoshopVersatile design and photo-editing software for creating and enhancing images, graphics and videos. 
Figma Collaborative design tool for creating user interfaces, prototypes, and interactive design experiences. 


Centro DSP Please reach out to the StratCom digital ads team to learn more about the demand-side platform for digital advertising, facilitating programmatic buying and analytics. 
Google Analytics Web analytics service for tracking and analyzing website and app traffic, providing valuable insights for digital marketing strategies. 
Google Looker Studio Business intelligence and data analytics platform for exploring and visualizing data.
Google Search ConsoleTool for monitoring and optimizing website performance in Google Search results, enhancing visibility and SEO.  
Google Tag ManagerPlatform for managing and deploying marketing tags on websites. 
Slate CRM A recruitment and admissions management platform with inbuilt marketing tools.
TableauAnalytics and data visualization platform. 


Illinois Image DatabaseDatabase of campus photos for university marketing and promotion. Organized, cataloged and managed by StratCom. 
Illinois Video Database Database of campus video clips organized, cataloged and managed by StratCom. 
StoryblocksStock media platform offering a vast library of high-quality video, audio and images. 
Adobe LightroomA cloud-based creative image organization and image manipulation software. 
Adobe Media Encoder An audio/video media processing program that allows users to convert and encode various video and audio codecs. 
Adobe PhotoshopVersatile design and photo-editing software for creating and enhancing images, graphics, and videos. 
Adobe PodcastAudio editing, AI-powered transcription and professional-grade remote recording. 
Adobe PremiereProfessional video editing software for creating polished and engaging video content. 
Adobe RushVideo editing software for quick and easy editing. 
Adobe StockPhoto resource platform for creative projects. 

Web Development

cPanelWeb hosting control panel for managing website configurations, domains and server settings. 
GitHubVersion control platform facilitating collaborative software development, code review and project management. 
HTML ValidatorA dynamic HTML checker that aids in catching unintended mistakes, promoting accessibility, usability and overall document quality. 
PIEAn easy, free, secure and accessible website hosting tool with templates and pre-approved Illinois branding for non-technical users to get a full website running in minutes.  
Web Accessibility Inspector A user-friendly, open-source tool empowering Firefox users to comprehend and adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and ARIA in HTML. With improved features like accessible name computation, table rules and keyboard rules, it prioritizes manual checks, fostering a nuanced understanding of accessibility requirements
WIGG Themes for WordPress & Drupal / CMS independent components Plug-and-play Illinois branded themes and components for creating accessible and responsive website interfaces.