StratCom Staff

Multimedia Services

Andrew Gleason Associate Director of Video Services 217-244-2978

Andrew Gleason is a director, cinematographer, editor and producer who loves making movies. He leads a team that creates, produces and directs a variety of videos for both campus level communications as well as client requests from departments all over campus. In addition, Andrew helps to develop the Campus Video Database and the Campus Videographers. When he isn’t making movies, he is spending time sharing his love for stories, movies and books with his two children, Eva and Liam.

michelle hassel's portrait
Michelle Hassel Senior Photographer 217-333-4945

Michelle Hassel is a photographer whose camera focuses on telling the Illinois story. She delights in capturing the incredible work happening across campus and highlighting the inspiring individuals who bring it to life. Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Jonathan, and their adorable Westie, Molly. Living in Monticello, they can be found strolling the beautiful gardens of Allerton Park together and greeting every Fu Dog, and real dog, they pass.

Emily Polk Video Production Specialist 217-300-4327

Emily Polk is a video producer who loves how many unique parts of the university she gets to highlight while making the Illinois story look and sound good. She loves solving puzzles, so editing videos and working with motion graphics are a couple of her favorite parts of the process. Outside of the office, she enjoys playing video games, planning and occasionally executing items from her ever-growing woodworking and home improvement lists, and hanging out with her cats, husband and baby.

Thomas Polk
Thomas Polk Video Production Specialist 217-244-1857

Thomas Polk is a video producer who’s nudging the camera a little to the left, then a little to the right, then adjusting those plants in the background, then turning the light a little lower in the eternal search for the perfect shot (he’s still searching). He loves storytelling, especially at a rich place like Illinois where so many people come together in so many diverse and incredible ways to change the world. Outside of work, you can find Thomas spending time with his wife, Emily, and their daughter and cats, toying with interior design and creating intricate Lego models.

Kaitlin Southworth
Kaitlin Southworth Director of Video Development 217-244-1980

Kaitlin Southworth is an Emmy Award-winning producer, videographer, and editor with an eye for a unique Illinois story. She turns those stories into documentaries which air nationally on the Big Ten Network. The amazing experiences and people she’s met from across the country have been truly extraordinary and demonstrate the life-changing abilities of the University of Illinois. When she isn’t filming, you can find her watching films with her husband, Kevin, or chasing after her beautiful daughter, Addison, and loyal dog, London.

E. Todd Wilson Director of Multimedia Services 217-333-4059

E. Todd Wilson oversees Multimedia Services, which includes Video Services, Photo Services and Big Ten Network non-athletic programming (documentaries) for the U of I. He also curates content on the campus homepage and in the online directory, A-Z list and calendars. Outside of work, he is an adventure motorcyclist, camper and friend of furry critters.

Fred Zwicky Senior Photographer 217-300-7709

Fred Zwicky is a photographer and visual storyteller who captures moments that matter at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. A photojournalist at heart, Fred documents the life of the university for the Illinois News Bureau, Strategic Communications, campus partners and the main university social media platforms. His work might look like play, so off-duty, Fred works at getting better at volleyball and relaxes by playing guitar.