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Eweek is a weekly email newsletter with brief summaries of campus announcements of general interest to faculty members and staff of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Eweek is sent by email each Sunday. Any faculty or staff member at Illinois can submit a post to Eweek.

Manage your subscription

If at any time you need to subscribe or unsubscribe to Eweek, you may do so by logging in with your university NetID and password.

Things to know before submitting an Eweek post


For full consideration for the Sunday release, all items must be submitted by noon on Friday.

Official Business Only

An Eweek post must be an official announcement sponsored by a university or campus department or unit. Personal, commercial and other non-university posts are not appropriate. With the exception of the official Campus Charitable Fundraising Drive, posts aimed at fundraising or revenue-generating matters generally are not appropriate. Advertising for job searches is not permitted.

Not for Publicizing Common Campus Events

Eweek is not a replacement for the campus calendar. It’s not an appropriate medium for routine publicity for common campus events, including lectures, performances, athletic events, etc.


Normally, an item should appear in only one Eweek mailing.


The Eweek editors reserve the right to clarify announcements.

Accessibility and Accommodations

Faculty and staff submitting items for publication in Eweek should remember that their event or program must be accessible.

Email Client/Browser Support

Emails are delivered with HTML formatting.  Standard email clients that fully support HTML will work properly such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Submit a post

You may submit an Eweek item via WebTools using the “Bulletins” tab.

Contact the editors

Contact the Eweek editors by sending email to eweek@illinois.edu.